We have taken great care to create a happy and safe space at Merrifield House.

Please help us stay Covid-19 safe.



COVID HOUSE RULES (boring but essential!)

  • Please take a lateral flow test the day before you are due to arrive at Merrifield House.

  • DO NOT enter the property if you or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 or displays symptoms of COVID-19.

  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms DURING YOUR STAY or within 7-DAYS of visiting the property, alert Test, Track & Trace and inform Merrifield House as soon as possible.

  • Wear a face mask when entering and leaving the building, unless exempt. Only remove when in your room.

  • Use the hand sanitizer provided on entering the building.

  • Scan the NHS QR Code EVERY DAY you enter the building. If you do not want to do this, enter your details (including date) in the sealed container provided (details will be destroyed after 21 days).

  • Maintain 2-meters social distance as much as possible.

  • Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. Wash your hands if you do.

  • “Catch it. Bin it. Kill it” Dispose of tissues in the bins provided, then wash your hands.

  • Take turns to use and transition through communal areas such as doorways, hallways, and the outside snug.

  • Please use the sanitizing wipes provided to wipe down kettle, coffee machine, etc after every use. Dispose of wipes in the bins provided, then wash or sanitise your hands.

  • Place all used cups, glasses, plates, cutlery on the tray marked DIRTY in the outside sung, when you have finished with them.

  • Keep your bedroom and bathroom well ventilated. Open the windows whilst occupied and close windows on leaving.

  • Books, games, blankets and cushions have been removed from use to reduce contamination.

  • Please use your common sense, be vigilant, respectful at all times.