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Our accommodation is family-run and comprises of three rooms, all with en-suites, named after yoga poses.


  • Room One (Ustra Shala)

    • Triple: 3 x Single or 1 x Double + 1 x Single

  • Room Two (Hala Shala)

    • Double/ Twin: 2 x Single or 1 x Double

  • Room Three (Matsya Shala)

    • Twin: 2 x Single 


All of our mattresses are standard UK size. Please be sure to tell us the bed configuration you require before arrival.

In your room you will find:


  • Kettle, teapot and teacups.

  • Bottle of water, selection of teas and coffee, sugar, milk (long-life) and a few snacks.

  • Chest of drawers and hanging rail with hangers for clothes.

  • 1 x Towel per person (please kindly do not take our towels to the beach).

  • Tilt & turn windows – Turn handle 45 degrees to ‘fully open’ window into room. Turn handle 180 degrees to ‘tilt’ window into room.

  • 1 x Blanket per bed (made from recycled plastic bottles).

  • Smart TV with Netflix.

  • Hair dryer.

  • Reading lights.

  • Eco-friendly hand soap.

  • Eco-friendly hair & body bar.

  • 1 x Hot water bottle per person.

  • Torch.

  • Extra pillow.

  • Smoke alarm.

  • Information pack.


The Rooms Name Sake Yoga Asana

Ustra Shala


Hala Shala


Matsya Shala


Ustra Shala – Also known as ‘Camel’ and the Green Room. A heart-opening pose, associated with the heart chakra, practiced to help improve lung function; and encourage love and compassion into your life.


Hala Shala – Also known as ‘Plough’ and the Blue Room. An inverted pose, associated with the throat chakra, practiced to strengthen immune and nervous system; and help encourage our inner truths to freely flow.


Matsya Shala – Also known as ‘Fish’ and the Yellow Room. A twisting pose, associated with the solar plexus chakra, practiced to maintain mobility of spine, stimulate digestion; and build self- confidence and empowerment.

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