Please note our guest rooms are currently under renovation, so we do not have many internal images at the moment. We are working very hard to get the rooms ready and will upload some images as soon as we can. We appreciate you might be reluctant to make a reservation without seeing the rooms, however please rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for your understanding.

Our accommodation is family-run and comprises of three rooms, all with en-suites, named after yoga poses.


  • Room One (Ustra Shala)

    • Triple: 3 x Single or 1 x Double + 1 x Single

  • Room Two (Hala Shala)

    • Double/ Twin: 2 x Single or 1 x Double

  • Room Three (Matsya Shala)

    • Twin: 2 x Single 


Please be sure to tell us the bed configuration you require before arrival.

In your room you will find:


  • Chest of drawers and hanging rail with hangers for clothes

  • 1 x Towel per person (please bring your own beach towels)

  • Hair dryer

  • Hand soap

  • Hot water bottle

  • Extra pillows and blankets

  • Smoke alarm

The Rooms Name Sake Yoga Asana


Ustra Shala – Also known as ‘Camel’ and the Green Room. A heart-opening pose, associated with the heart chakra, practiced to help improve lung function; and encourage love and compassion into your life.

Hala Shala – Also known as ‘Plough’ and the Blue Room. An inverted pose, associated with the throat chakra, practiced to strengthen immune and nervous system; and help encourage our inner truths to freely flow.

Matsya Shala – Also known as ‘Fish’ and the Yellow Room. A twisting pose, associated with the solar plexus chakra, practiced to maintain mobility of spine, stimulate digestion; and build self- confidence and empowerment.