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There are small waste bins in all bedrooms and bathrooms, for small items of general waste.

There is an external black wheelie bin, for large items of general waste, unwanted food items and dog poop bags. This bin is located to the left of the carpark, behind the wooden gate/fence marked 'private'. Please lean over the fence and lift up the wheelie bin lid (the area is marked 'private' due to it being an old, unmaintained area, and the wooden platform is unstable, so please so not enter).

In addition there is a recycling bin in the Outside Snug. Please place 'clean' items of paper, cardboard, aluminium tin, and plastic in this bin. Leave any glass items, carefully to one side, and these will be collected throughout the day.


The local refuge contractor collects from Merrifield House early on a Friday morning. Please be mindful of the large lorry that will enter the property at this time.

Please note Merrifield House uses a septic tank, so do NOT flush anything down the toilet except pee, poop and paper!

Thank you kindly for your co-operation ...

Recycling Bins
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